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PostSubject: JDORAMA OSTs   Tue May 05, 2009 1:18 pm

if you've got some JDORAMA OSTs, pls kindly share them here.


i will be on a 4-week hiatus starting tomorrow today after i log out. which means i won't can't post anything or share anything during that time. i have a valid reason though. i have to prioritize things accordingly. i will be taking the june nursing board exams this coming june 6 and 7, therefore i have to seriously stick to my studying plans.

i just hope that after 4-weeks time, this forum site will be so active already (with a lot of members and post).


well, so much for that.. before i bid my 4-week farewell to all of you, i would like to share some jdorama ost that i have. it's my first time uploading in mediafire (i usually use my MF accnt for downloading purposes, and after quite some time i decided to upload files to it. putting my account to good use.).

i only uploaded a few since i have limited time now my medical-surgical book is begging for attetion already

just click the title of the song..

gokusen 3
*NIJI by aqua times
*ORETACHI NO SEISHUN by takaki yuya

nobuta wo produce
*SEISHUN AMIGO shuji to akira

zettai kareshi
*OKAERI by ayaka

hanayome to papa
*MY GIRL by kato miliya

my boss, my hero
*SORAFUNE by tokio

bloody monday
*OVER THE RAIN by flumpool

i wanted to upload more files.. but connection is getting berserk, plus i really do have to study now (i need to grab the opportunity while i'm still not feeling sleepy)

that's it for now.. if you have OSTs to share, just go ahead and do so.

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