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 tegoshi yuya

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PostSubject: tegoshi yuya   Tue May 12, 2009 1:00 am

Name: ????
* Name (romaji): Tegoshi Yuya
Nickname(s): Tego, Tegocha, Tesshi, Tegorin, Tegonyan, Goshi
* Profession: Actor and singer
* Date of birth: 1987-Nov-11
* Birthplace: Kanagawa
* Star sign: Scorpio
* Blood type: B
* Height: 170cm
* Weight: 52kg
* Group: NEWS
* Radio Show: NEWS Tegoshi Yuya's What A Wonderful Music!
* Talent Agency: Johnny's Entertainment


* Hyoten 2006 (TV Asahi, 2006)
* My Boss My Hero (2006)
* Gachi Baka (2006)
* Gekidan Engimono (2005)
* Division 1 Stage 13: 15 Sai no Blues (2005)
* Shissou (2005)
* Tongari Corn
* Vermont Curry


1. YOU-world is yours-
2. Stars

Original Composition

1. Over (lyrics with Kato Shigeaki)
2. Trash box (lyrics)

*He introduces himself by putting his right hand palm out in front of his face, a gesture given to him by Tsuyoshi Domoto.
*During live performances he likes to twirl his index finger at the camera.
*He is considered spoilt by his bandmates and once forced Masuda onto a smaller bed in a hotel room.
*His bandmates often describe him as being "harmlessly self-centered."
*In an appearance on Domoto Kyoudai, he said that Tomohisa Yamashita was his most admired senpai because he saw Yamapi's dramas and thought that he was cool.
*He often hangs out with bandmates Takahisa Masuda and Keiichiro Koyama.
*It is well known that bandmate Ryo Nishikido likes him a lot, often doting on him and coining the nickname Tegonyan.
*His mother and grandmother post his posters all around the house.
*He gave Masuda the nickname Massu.
*He likes to bite his lips.
*He is a fan of L'arc en ciel.
*He gets along well with Takahisa Masuda, so even on days off they go to the gym and train together, and go to a sent¨­ afterwards.
*He has played soccer for over 10 years.
*He usually wears contact lenses.
*He is fan of Koda Kumi.
*He has rumour with Misako Uno, who gives Tegoshi valentine chocolate
*He owns a Papillon dog named Tinny, which he dotes on
*He ever said Tinny (his dog) is his girlfriend
*He has a driver's license.
*In an appearance on the music show, Utaban, during late 2007, Tegoshi has stated that his face has changed so much over the past years that people have asked him if he had plastic surgery done (which he hadn't).
*He is the seiyuu for Mumble, main character of Happy Feet, in the Japanese-dubbing version of this Academy Award-winning animated film.

wlng facts. kxe madamot dn aq pagdating ke tego.XD
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tegoshi yuya
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