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PostSubject: tackey&tsubasa   Tue May 12, 2009 4:25 am

Tackey & Tsubasa (the unit) is relatively new to the music industry, having just
debuted in September of 2002. Before they officially debuted in
2002, both Takki and Tsubasa were juniors in the
company Johnny's Entertainment, which is famous for
the male idols it produces.

Before their debut, Takki and Tsubasa were the top
juniors in the company. In 1995 they started out as
backdancers for KinKi Kids and then several years later,
after becoming close friends in 1999, It was Johnny's
plan to have them debut when they reached 20 years
old, and so in summer of 2001, he announced they would
debut in 2002 as solo singers -- meaning they would
have to break up.

Everyone wanted the two to remain a duo, though
probably no one wanted them to debut together more
than Takki and Tsubasa themselves. Takki was
constantly fighting and pleaing to the fans to help
them to debut as a unit, and the fans created a whole
campaign asking everyone who wanted them to debut
together to send postcards and letters to Johnny's
Entertainment, imploring Johhny K. to debut the two
boys as a duo instead of as solo artits. It was a long
fight, spanning a whole year,.
then on August 1 2002, Johnny announced that they
would debut together. And so on September 11 2002,
Tackey & Tsubasa released their debut album, Hatachi
(meaning 20 years old).

Full name: Takizawa Hideaki[Takizawa is his last name]
Nick name: "Takki" in Japanese katakana; "Tackey" in
official English.
Birthdate: March 29, 1982
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood Type: A*
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Family: Dad & Mom, older brother and sister
Favourite Actor: Shimura Ken
Favourite Singers: V6, KinKi Kids and Sharan Q
Favourite Colours: blue, white, pink and black
Favourite Food: udon, steak, sushi, crab and spaghetti
Dramas: Hes in Quite a few
Likes: talking about Tsubasa, boxing, working out
Talents: song-writing, performing, steering the topic
of any conversation to be about Tsubasa ¢¾ [not
kidding about this one!]
More about Tackey
When Takki was 13, he saw KinKi Kids performing on TV
and decided that he wanted to become a performer
himself. He joined Johnny's Entertainment in April
1995 (though his parents were against it at first) and
became a back dancer for various groups. He met
Tsubasa the day Tsubasa joined Johnny's Entertainment
a week or so later, and the two have been best friends
ever since they became friends in late 1999.

Full name: Imai Tsubasa
Nicknames: Tsuba-chan, Wing-san.sweat
Birthdate: Oct. 17, 1981
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Blood Type: A*
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Family: Mom & Dad, older sister
Favourite Singers: (international) Paul McCartney, Red
Hot Chili Peppers, Fujii Fumiya,Tsuyoshi Doumoto [from KinKi Kids]
Favourite Instruments: piano and guitar (plays both)
Favourite Food: crab, ramen, sushi, grilled squid
Dramas: some
Likes: the beach (helps to relax and calm him), video
games, fashion, star-gazing
Talents: dancing (& performing in general), forgetting
things, falling asleep anywhere,
Afraid of:cats, insects (like thingyroaches), birds, frogs.sweat
More info On Tsubasa
Tsubasa joined Johnny's Entertainment on April 23 1995
after his sister sent in an application for him; he
met Takki on that same day.
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