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 Uso to Kiss

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PostSubject: Uso to Kiss   Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:11 am


been busy reading yaoi mangas online, my current addiction after the slow updates over at LJ.sweat
im ficnished reading this one, it's a really nice story about two young men who met by destiny/fate.

characters: *i forgot the last names*

the story revolves around the pair, haru is working at a bar/club (?) and was playing the piano when tatsuya sees him and instantly falls in love at first sight. tatsuya invites him out for a drink and then something happened when haru gets drunk. haru is tatsuya's admirer cuz when he was young they lived together like a family *haru's mom married tatsuya's dad*.

tatsuya was searching for his brother who turns out to be haru. the investigator/detective told him the truth about har and tatsuya realized that he made love o his brother. he decides to distance from him and due to the fact that haru is a minor. haru gets worried and decides to see tatsuya but the latter got angry.sweat

tatsuya then drives haru home but someone was waiting for haru, his step-brother. the step brother accidentally spills the beans about har and tatsuya gets angry and throws him out. bu he regretted what he did so he fetches haru where tatsuya argued with the step brother.

DNA testing proved that tatsuya and haru are half-brothers but he kept it a secret from haru. and they live happily ever after.

the end.

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Uso to Kiss
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